Inheritance and succession

In the area of inheritance and succession we advise our clients (throughout the whole process of succession planning and family assets management) through a multidisciplinary team with the aim of minimizing the taxation imposed on the transmission of said assets and guaranteeing legal fulfilment of the pursued objectives.

In JJL ABOGADOS we understand succession not as an isolated fact, but as a process that can be developed over several years. In this respect, we assist our clients in the management of their personal assets in the most convenient way taking into account their personal circumstances and family interests at stake, whether the assets are located in Spain or in other jurisdictions, fiscally planning the succession and legally assisting in its execution through the establishment of structures to optimize taxation, will drafting, constitution of usufructs, designation of heirs, legacies and improvements, appointment of executors, etc.

Likewise, we legally assist our clients by protecting their rights as heirs or legatees in the different stages of the inheritance process: acceptance or rejection of inheritance, configuration of inventory of goods and obligations and division of inheritance.