Corporate operations

At JJL ABOGADOS we possess broad experience in trading operations concerning companies and businesses, at national and international levels, providing advice both from the perspective of the buying side and the selling side.

From the perspective of the selling party, services are provided concerning the location of potential investors, legal and financial advice during the negotiation phase, preparation of the company, coordination of Due Diligence processes and preparation and / or revision of documentation in which the transaction is implemented, as well as in the drafting of the relevant partner agreements.

In acquisition processes we assist our clients with the objective of optimizing their acquisition strategy from the beginning until the desired transaction is completed, leading the process in all its phases: planning, contact, negotiation and closing. In this area, the services we offer concern the location of potential targets, legal and financial advice, legal and financial review of the businesses involved, preparation and review of all legal documentation of the transaction and that relating to the agreements between partners.